Sell and Deliver Tickets Online

User friendly online Event Registration, Booking and Ticketing solutions in your pocket

How the Process works?

Register as Event Organiser

Tell us who you are and what you are looking at doing in order that we may best support you and your event management journey.

Create Event

Design your event with our easy online event form, to best compliment your attendees needs, including images, descriptions and event details. If you have any concerns our support team is by your side.

Customise Events

Whether it’s a small local event or a large Festival, our friendly and local support is by your side to ensure your e-Pocket event is designed and just the way you need it.

Determine ticket pricing and promotional offers

Establish your pricing parameters, seating levels and allocation, early bird offers and other promotional offers.

Allocate additional purchase options

Feel free to add additional products and services ranging from membership subscriptions fees, stall sales, merchandise to donations and charity.


Compliment your website and social media with a URL landing page including event details, purchase button and promotional offers, driving potential clients to reserve, book or purchase tickets as required.


Staying on top of things is vital. Your real time dashboard will keep you up – to date with all your event activities, tracking bookings, seat/table reservations, ticket sales, promotional offers, refunds, private or public events and regular emails/text communications,  to ensure your event is successful with informed and satisfied clients.

Run Event

Scan and capture attendees tickets / QR codes instantly with the free e-Pocket scanning app designed for both iOS or Android. Door lists, seating arrangements and specific requests, all at your fingertips.


From one easy place, real time custom reports including revenue by ticket type, merchandise, subscriptions, donations,  all just a click away. Allowing you to evaluate campaigns and purchasing trends to give you the strategic support to keep growing.