Complete Event Ticketing & Payment Solution in your pocket

Most Competitive, easy, one-stop shop to Manage, Book, Sell & Deliver Tickets Online, with local support by your side

Complete Event Solution at your fingertips
What event organisers want?

Book Seats

Securing bookings and seating options along with menu preferences and additional information can make all the difference when planning for the next perfect conference, seminar or meeting.

Sell Tickets

Guided, easy to use system to simplify, streamline, sell and deliver tickets online. Your complete software solution, with all the features required to run a successful event, at your fingertips.

Manage Memberships

Maintaining a database can be quite time-consuming. Here is a service that allows you to stay up-to-date, registering members with customised forms, tracking details, trends and payments.

Subscription fees

Ongoing membership subscription fees, can easily be incorporated for a complete and customisable payments solution with regular email communication to compliment the services you offer.

Merchandise and Stall Sales

Offer your clients the option for additional purchases, even on the day of the event. Providing valuable information, easily tracked for reporting and budgeting purposes.

Fundraising Events

Supporting our community with events and donations has now been made even easier with reminders and payment options, at your fingertips. Ideal for movie nights, dinners balls, trivia nights.

Easy event registration, booking and ticketing solutions in your pocket!
How the Process works?


Customise Events

Whether it’s a cocktail party, small community event, or a large festival, our local support is by your side to personalise and ensure your event is designed, just the way you want.



Compliment your website and social media with a landing page, purchase button and event details, along with promotional offers, driving potential clients to your website and events page.



Staying on top of things is vital with private or public events, relevant emails/text communications,  event promotions, sales tracking and refunds, to ensure your successful events and satisfied clients.


Run Event

Your real time ticket scanning e-Pocket app will capture QR codes instantly, with guest details and multiple scanning points. Door lists, seating arrangements and specific requests, all at your fingertips.



Real time reports including revenue by ticket type, merchandise, subscriptions, donations are all just a click away, allowing you to evaluate purchasing trends to give you the strategic support to keep growing.

Who can use this Service?

Event Organisers

Event Organisers

Easy to use , complete personalised solution ranging from small to large events throughout Australia.

Schools & Educational Institutions

Schools & Educational Institutions

Catering to a complete personalised solution, including event management and ticketing, merchandising, stalls and subscription fees.

Councils & Community Groups

Councils & Community Groups

Our community is diverse with varied interests. Whether it’s a small community group or a large council festival a personalised solution is just a click away.

Established Venues

Established Venues

Build up your ongoing database, email and text communications, ensuring reservations, bookings and payments are centralised for convenient quick access and management.

Sports Clubs

Sports Clubs

Save on time and effort with a personalised event management and payments solution, ranging from events, uniforms purchase, subscription fees and even donations.



Music festivals made easy, offering a complete solution, right through to a convenient app for all your patrons ticketing and purchasing communication needs.



The perfect way to encourage and collect funds for charity. Simple, easy and convenient with the most competitive pricing options to ensure your chosen charity can maximise on the donations achieved.